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What is Prayer Connect?

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prayerIntroduction to Prayer Connect Groups

Prayer Connect Groups are groups of believers and members of Heritage of Faith, meeting on a regular basis in homes, that pray.

The ministry and the lives of the members are built on prayer. This is a key focus area of the ministry. God has called us to build a House of Prayer / Prayer Centre in Kyalami and therefore, everything that we do as a ministry, will be built on prayer. This is the fabric of Grace Fellowship.

We believe that God is using this ministry to establish a prevailing spirit of prayer in South Africa. Therefore, the purpose of these groups is not only to give people an opportunity to gather together and pray on a regular basis, but is also to teach people how to pray and encourage people to “catch the spirit” of prayer.

The ministry is also very focused on building relationships around “work” in the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, many home cell/Bible study networks, initially established to ground people in the Word and encourage relationship building, have deteriorated into social gatherings which cannot be distinguished from “worldly” activities. The major “work” focus at Grace Fellowship is prayer because this establishes and creates the foundation for all other work and activities in the ministry. The Prayer Connect Groups are a wonderful concept to bring these 2 fundamentals together; prayer and strong, healthy and spiritual relationships

Without being rigid and prescriptive, guidelines on “how” to pray and “what” to pray for will be provided to these Prayer Connect Groups. There will also be a strong directive from Leadership to ensure that these groups focus on Prayer. The idea is certainly not to meet for an hour; to pray for 10 minutes and to socialize for 50, but rather to pray for the majority of the time, because there is work to be done. The smaller gathering of people should also encourage most or all of the people to participate in prayer. The idea is not to have one person dominate the prayer time, thereby the group missing out on the gifts that God has placed in other people in order to accomplish His purposes.

Leadership will provide guidelines and a framework on “how” to pray corporately. These are principles that Pastor John and Sharon have taught the congregation for many years, but now need to be firmly entrenched in all the members.

On a regular basis, prayer focus areas will be posted on the website so that the groups understand what to pray for. The broad focus is a corporate one, so these areas may include praying for: the nation, our leaders, our Pastors, assignments that God has asked us to complete such as building a Prayer Centre etc.

The Church at large, has been called “a sleeping giant”. We will awaken this giant with prayer! We will create a prevailing spirit of prayer in this nation and cause our nation to line up with God’s plan for South Africa. The impact of prayer is so far reaching. Already our prayers are going deep into the soil of this nation causing life and change and God’s will to rise. YOU can change yourself, your family, your church, your community, your city, your province, your nation, your continent – through persistent prayer – so find a Prayer Connect Group in your area and join us in awakening this sleeping giant! What a call! The Word calls you a House of Prayer, so prayer is not something that we do, but actually WHO WE ARE. Enlist today, join us and be a part of creating a prevailing spirit of prayer.

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