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Prayer Meeting Guidelines - LESSONS IN PRAYER

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Useful guidelines when conducting Prayer Meetings:


  1. It is often good to open a prayer meeting by reading a short passage of scripture applicable to the goal or occasion, a passage powerful and to the point.
  2. The prayer facilitator should make some short appropriate remarks explaining the nature of prayer and the encouragement we have to pray. The person leading should remind the people of the specific objectives everyone came to pray for.
  • A prayer meeting should aim Christians at the goal of praying for 1 or 2 specific objectives, not scatter them over a large field.
  • After defining the objective of prayer, the leader should present a promise or principle, as a reason to expect an answer to their prayers.
  • Let the people pray who want to pray or if you need to call on individuals to pray, call on those that you know are usually keen so they infuse their spirits into the others.
  • Prayers should be short. Some spin out a long prayer telling God who or what He is. Some pray forth a whole systematic theology, some preach and some exhort the people until everyone wishes they would stop. They should keep to the point, pray for what they came to pray for.
  • There must be unity and agreement in the prayer. We should not pray in tongues when someone is praying with their understanding. When one prays and others do not follow their thoughts wander off. Their hearts must join to say “Amen” not only their lips.
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