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Encouragement for your personal life and the exciting results that will follow:


Prayer does not begin as a great burning of prayer. It begins as a flicker. Then as you fan these first little flames by giving attention to it and actually praying, it grows. That tiny seed of desire of initial desire is your cue from the Holy Spirit about the direction He wants to take you in your prayers.

Each time you lift up a prayer, a request to God, He will move on your heart, and the desire to see that prayer answered will grow stronger.


One thing that you must remember as your desire in prayer grows, is that you are not praying to get God to do something. No! God is teaching you to pray so that He can do something!

If you will always remember that, your faith will stay strong.


Most Important Basics in Prayer


Pray to the Father in Jesus’ Name

John 16:23, 24


Always depend on Holy Spirit’s Help in prayer.

Romans 8:26


The Holy Spirit communicates with our spirits. The best way to do this is by praying in tongues became then your spirit prays.


Forgive if you have anything against anyone.


Mark 11:25, Ephesians 4:32


Do not allow a root of  bitterness, a bit of envy, or a bit of revenge or offences get into your heart. It will wreck your spiritual life. It will stall your prayer life. It will mar your faith.


Don’t ever let a root of bitterness grow in your heart because you have refused to forgive someone who has offended you.

As you forgive someone who has offended you, (Ephesians 4:32) you will keep the channels open for your prayers to be answered and blessings of God to come into your life.

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